by Attorney, Jeffrey Boggs With drug charges on the rise in California, agencies and government policies are cracking down on punishments in the next coming months as the California election quickly approaches. Defending clients facing drug-related charges in California necessitates a strategic and nuanced approach that takes into account the distinctive details of each case. […]


November 20, 2023

Facing Drug-Related Charges in California?

by Jeffrey D. Boggs, Attorney, Tulare California. The journey of starting a business is a thrilling dance between excitement and nervousness, an emotional pas de deux that accompanies every entrepreneur’s steps. The excitement is an electrifying force, propelling you forward as you envision the possibilities that lie ahead. It’s the spark that ignites your creativity […]

Business Law

November 7, 2023

Legal Issues to Know When Starting Your Business in California

Boggs Law Firm Business Law California

As a criminal defendant facing charges in California, understanding plea deals can significantly impact the outcome of your case.


September 7, 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Plea Deals in California: Empowering Criminal Defendants

by Jeffrey D. Boggs, Attorney Are you facing criminal charges in California? Being arrested can be extremely scary and intimidating, especially without proper knowledge of the law. Here at The Boggs Law Firm, we want you to feel confident and prepared, should you find yourself in a predicament and arrested in the state of California. […]


August 8, 2023

Criminal Charges Checklist

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